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Server is not accessible

Their must be a bug. Since the update on iPhone and iPad, I cannot access newly uploaded files to server. Only already dowloaded ones.

Great functions!

App does what I need. Picture upload works nicely. Try ownCloud yourself!

Can not Work with uploaded Documents

If i save a Document with word, excel, etc. and dont have internet access the document is waiting for an upload but I can not work with it until I make a hotspot weit for Upload and download it again. It is very difficut to work with it.

Worst App Ever

This has to be one of the worst apps Ive ever used. It started out bad and updates have made it useless. I cannot keep a file open for more than several seconds before it crashes the entire app. Broken, useless, hopeless. Should be a zero star review

server not found

do not connected, server not found error. pay money back!

login error

it is not possible to connect to the server at this time

Excellent app

But, will be fine if turn off always on gps location while background upload fotos and videos. It is important future for battery life and overall usability of media upload future. Thank you.

Cant upload anything

I wanted to share a file with a friend by uploading it from my iPhone and sending him a link to it. I am able to create a folder through the app but uploading a file to it ends with the folder being empty, as if nothing happened. So upload does not work. Useless to me without it.

Application doesnt work

The latest version of this app crashes when I try to open any folder. OwnCloud server version 9.1.1


The app crashes all the time, even while simply browsing folders: 3-4 touches, and its out. Almost useless. Please make it more or less stable if you take money for the app.

Application crashes when I pushing settings button

Application crashes when I pushing settings button

Broken Update

After this update the app tells me it cant find my server. It was working just fine before the update. So the app is useless.

Encouraging App

Set up OwnCloud locally for my family and am liking it so far. The feature set is pretty basic and documentation is quite basic but once things are up and running everything works smoothly. If they continue to refine the app and server end it will continue to move into my family iCloud replacement territory. I would ask for improvement consideration around the family sharing experience and photo library management.


You cant manage shared directories from the app. Single file at a time. Its pretty worthless

Took my dollar.

Perhaps it is a password collector. Ad appeared during safari access, i-clicked, i-bought, it-failed to connect, whereas safari did. Another victim of ‘can’t find server

Its expected !

This is my loved app, works well for me !

Works very well.

Works very well. Can save files from other apps to my ownCloud using the "Open In".

So close

Was going to use this as my main cloud solution but the app has one fatal flaw. You must enable location services in order for auto upload to work. Other apps (Google photos, one drive, etc) allow this feature without using location services (just you have to open the app since obviously without the service the app doesnt know when you have moved). The lack of this is odd, because now I have to manually upload which is a bummer. If this feature was added I would definitely use this and change my review to a much more positive one.

A very crappy app for a nice service

I came across with this owncloud service using my Qnap, I thing is neat, I even stopped using OneDrive and Google Photos BUT, this app is a total piece of junk. Is unstable, huge lack of features (are you kidding me, there is not even "Select All" function!!!) at the point that Im considering go back to OneDrive. Im not a business, I was just looking for cloud solution that allows all of our Smartphones make pictures backup/sync to my home NAS but in the background without any user interaction, well, the app does that, but only does that. Im not even going to mention how slow it performs, my whole network is running gigabit and the wireless radio at the maximum and this thing synchronizes probably 1 picture every 30 seconds, is ridiculous, and I setup the service using MySQL, not the crappy SQL lite they have from default. Bottom line, I will love to see a real app for this service, I will pay even more than a buck if really works and do the job right.

was disgruntled

revised review: Leave the http/https off the url and it finds your server. My rating is now upped from 1-star to 4. It does indeed work!

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